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CD ROM contains all the files that you find on line but with many more hyperlinks between programs and scriptures and all the following and more:

Now Also Macintosh Compatible
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All books and studies are word searchable using the Find command

Including Commentaries by Fred P Miller on: Isaiah, Revelation, Zechariah, Micah, Ezra, Qumran Scrolls, photo copies of the original scroll pages with analysis and translation: The Qumran Great Isaiah Scroll, and The Pesher to Habakkuk; (The commentary on Ezra is linked to complete Medo-Persian history.) also Booklets on Christian Attitudes and Racial Problems and Bible Wine and other important articles, one of the most important being Isaiah's use of the word "Nazar"

The Qumran Isaiah Scroll file on the CD contains many more hyperlinks to explain the text, enlargements of questionable text, illustrations of miniature scribal notations, some almost microscopic and discussions of editorial marks, and links to commentary that are not on line. Also a more thorough treatment and explanation of different readings. Now a transcription of the masuscript Hebrew into current Hebrew script is also added.

And also complete copies of Herodotus; Tacitus: Histories, Annals, Agracola, Germania; Jordanes History of the Goths; Josephus complete works; Eusebius Church History; Livy; Thucydides Peloponesian Wars; Xenophon: Anabasis, Cyropaedia, Hellenica; Geography of Strabo; Plutarch's Lives complete; Edersheim Life of Christ Vols I and II; Edersheim on the Temple; Philip Schaff's Church History 8 Volumes; Gibbons Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire 6 Volumes; Ante-Nicene Fathers 9 Volumes; Complete Works of Bede; Einhard, Life of Charlemange; Philo of Alexandria (The Jew) complete works 45 books; Philo on Essenes; Peter Abelard My Misfortunes; Rosetta Stone; Behiston Rock (2 sites); St Thomas a Kempis On the Imitation of Christ 114 essays; St Paul, Roman Traveler by Ramsey; Selection of 28 Roman Emperors; Edicts of Toleration Galerius 311 and Constantine 325; and much more.

Archaeological Items
1. Nebuchadnezzar and the Conquest of Jerusalem Cylinder 2. The Babylonian Chronicle 3. Cyrus' Cylinder Seal 4. Puru "The lot of Yahali" 9th Century B.C.E. 5. Sennacherib's Prism 6. Siloam Tunnel Inscription 7. Photos of Petra

Bible Commentaries, Jamison Fawcett and Brown, Matthew Henry's Concise Commentary on the Bible; Four Fold Harmony of Gospels by J.W. McGarvey; Acts of Apostles by J.W. McGarvey; Vision of the Ages Revelation: by B.W. Johnson (1881); Gospel of John, by B.W. Johnson; People's New Testament: by B. W. Johnson; Galatians, by Martin Luther; Horae Apocalypse by E B Eliot, The Classic of the Historical View;

Other classics: Fox's Book of Martyrs; First Maccabbes; Second Maccabbees; Hammurabi's Code; Thomas Mallory's Le Morte D'arthur; Post Nicene: Volume II Socrates; Sozoman Histories, Volume III Theodoret, Jerome; Volume VII Cyril of Jerusalem; Gregory Nazianzen.

Bible Translations:
Spanish Bible complete;
Alexander Campbell's Living Oracles;
Fred Miller's revision of the KJV complete
Jerome's Latin Vulgate.

New Testament Documents by F.F.Bruce
Dispensationalism A Thorough Treatment of Millenialism
Canright Seventh Day Adventism Refuted
Vatican I 1870 Papal Infalibility Proclaimed
Vatican II Religious Freedom Result of Existential Thought

English Translation of 40 Dead Sea Scroll Manuscripts.

Pseudopigrapha (15 documents)
Apocrapha (16 documents)

Spanish Bible Studies in Spanish: (MANY TEXTS)

Restoration Movement Books

Memoirs of Alexander Campbell by Richardson 2 Vols complete; History of British Churches of Christ by Archie Watters; Declaration and Address by Thomas Campbell; Civil Government by David Libscomb; Life of James O'Kelly by J F Burnett; Autobiography of Elias Smith.

Pre-civil Rights Movement Literature

My Bondage and My Freedom by Frederick Douglass (1851)
Narrative of The Life Of Frederick Douglass, An American Slave by Himself (1841)
Ain't I a Woman by Sojourner Truth (a short anecdote)(1851)
The Soul of Black Folk by W. E. B. Du Bois (1901)
The Awakening of the Negro by Booker T. Washington (an essay)
Up From Slavery by Booker T. Washington (1900)
Industrial Education for the Negro by Booker T Washington (1903)

Freeware Software to Install
On Line Bible: many versions incl. many Eng trans; Grk; Heb; LXX, Inter Linear Grk. etc, etc. Hebrew Editor Write and Print Hebrew, Hebrew Alephbet Flash Cards, Image Viewer with timed "slide program"

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